The AG Big D is our largest bedding dispenser and is designed to accommodate large farm bedding requirements efficiently and effectively. With this in mind the Big D is perfectly suited for large dairy farms and any other extensive bedding needs. The Big D can dispense from the left or the right and also can be modified to dispense from the back of the machine.

The Big D is designed for use with sand and has a high capacity with an efficient use of materials.


  • Large farm bedding requirements – 300 cubicles and above can be bedded with one full hopper, requiring less than 20 minutes.
  • The Big D spreads sand, and most dense bedding products increasing efficiency.
  • A PTO oil pump is fitted to allow for smaller/older tractors to drive this machine
  • The Big D can be adapted for front or rear discharge


  • The Big D holds a greater capacity of material
  • As a result less time is spent on refilling the dispenser
  • So less distance is travelled
  • Also less time is spent dispensing

See below for the Big D main features and optional extras


  • Capacity 8 metres cubed
  • Length 5.51 m
  • Oil Flow Required 80 Ltr/m
  • Width 2.16 m
  • Height 2.41 m

For smaller bedding machines see our FS200 OR Hybrid Dispenser