Our AG tilting mechanisms allow the bucket to be hydraulically tipped for self loading.

AG 3 Point Tilting Mechanism



  • The AG 3 Point Tilting Mechanism has an integrated “A” frame that speeds up the changing of machines from one tractor to another.
  • The frame also uses an added hydraulic ram for the self loading mechanism, this does away with Hydraulic toplink.
  • This tilting mechanism requires 2 double acting spools.
  • An additional Spool block assemble can be added for those tractors that only have 1 oil service available


AG 2 Point Tilting Mechanisms



  • Like it’s 3 point counterpart the AG 2 Point Tilting Mechanism offers an increased lift capacity, but does offer some different benefits.
  • Sits in closer to the tractor, which allows for increased weight without disrupting the tractors balance.
  • Heavier Duty build.
  • Greater lift capacity.