To complement our range of machinery that helps farmers clean & bed cubicles and poultry sheds, AG Products also supply a range of livestock bedding materials for dairy and poultry farms to keep livestock clean and comfortable all year round. For over 18 years we have been delivering premium & economy sawdust, miscanthus, ash and oat husks throughout the UK every day. AG Products are proud to support our farmers with a cost-effective, reliable, and speedy service for all their livestock’s bedding needs.

Oat Husks

AG Products whole husks are a soft, dry, absorbent and an effective cubicle bedding solution to keep your cows clean and comfortable, offering a less abrasive and dusty alternative than most sawdust bedding materials. With a typical moisture content of 4% – 6% AG Products husks are an effective livestock bedding product to reduce bacteria count and can also be used as a high fibre feed.

AG Products crushed husks are competitively priced and available for UK delivery using artic walking floors.

Premium Sawdust

AG Products livestock bedding sawdust is a nonabrasive and highly absorbent cubicle bedding product that keeps your cows clean and comfortable all year round and is compatible with most slurry management systems. Due to its qualities, sawdust is widely used for bedding dairy cows in the UK. Premium Sawdust is 100% kiln dried wood and is the highest grade and quality of bedding available. 

AG Products livestock premium sawdust is available all year round in easy-to-handle bales, skips or artic walking floors.

Economy Sawdust

AG Products Economy Sawdust is a budget-friendly bedding solution. This dusty product is highly absorbent, ensuring clean and dry cubicles for your cows.

This budget yet effective bedding product can be supplied all year round in skips or artic walking floors. 

Miscanthus Dust

AG Products Miscanthus dust is derived from the Miscanthus plant which is also known as ‘Elephant Grass’ and is an excellent alternative to straw and sawdust. The miscanthus plant has a spongy inner core, which makes it highly absorbent and hygienic in comparison to other materials. The Miscanthus plants natural biodegradable properties provide mineral nutrients for the soil and unlike other mulches, the neutral PH does not acidify the soil.

 AG Products Miscanthus livestock bedding is a light and fully bedding material that can be delivered nationwide in artic walking floors.

Powder Dust

AG Products Power Dust is a super fine, soft bedding material with a talc-like consistency keeping cows dry, clean and comfortable. Made from a softwood sawdust, the extra-fine powder dust allows for excellent absorbency creating hygienic conditions for your herd.


AG Products Powder Dust can be delivered all year round, available in skips. 

Cubicle Bed

AG Products newest bedding solution, Cubicle Bed, offers a coarser, minimal dust product suitable for windier environments. Cubicle bed is 100% wood sawdust, providing ultimate comfort and hygiene. 


AG Products Cubicle Bed is available in artic walking floors all year round.  

Straw Dust

AG Products Straw Dust is a blend of various crop straws such as wheat, oilseed rape, and barley. Straw dust is extracted from sieved bedding material. This eco-friendly bedding solution has a spongy score, allowing for excellent absorbency. 


AG Products Straw Dust can be delivered all year round, available in skips. 


AG Products livestock bedding ash comes from biomass plants and is an odorless, strongly alkaline grey powder which is excellent for mastitis control by keeping conditions around the udder dry and clean. With a PH of 12.5, bacteria is unable to live on it even after it has been soiled. AG Products livestock bedding ash is compatible with most slurry management systems and can be used neat or mixed with other bedding products such as sand, sawdust, or shavings. However, we would not recommend using it with a slat system.

AG products ash is a cost-effective material that can be delivered nationwide in easy-to-handle tote bags.


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