Crushed Husks

  • Crushed husks are created from the oat milling process which produces a light, bulky, dry and absorbent bedding product.
  • 6% – 8% moisture content resulting in 20% more efficiency than sawdust.
  • Husks can be used in either bedding or feed, with a high fibre feed value.
  • This bedding can only be supplied in Artic Walking Floors.
  • Husks are a non-abrasive, less dusty alternative to sawdust.


  • Miscanthus, also know as ‘Elephant Grass’ is the modern alternative to straw and wood shavings.
  • The miscanthus plant has a spongy inner core, which makes it highly absorbent, biodegradable and hygienic in comparison with other materials.
  • It is an extremely warm, fibrous, light and fluffy bedding material.
  • Natural biodegradable properties provides mineral nutrients for the soil. Unlike other mulches, the neutral pH does not acidify the soil.

Paper Gypsum

  • Paper gypsum is produced from recycled plasterboard.
  • The paper is mechanically removed from the plasterboard making it safe for use with livestock.
  • Benefits include a low cost material with high absorbency.
  • Reduces odours, ammonia, foot and hoof problems and the incidence of dermatitis and mastitis.


  • This ash comes from a biomass plant and is an odourless, strongly alkaline, light grey powder.
  • Dry beds are the death of mastitis-causing bacteria, being extremely absorbent, ash is good for mastitis control by keeping conditions around the udder clean and dry.
  • 12.5 pH means bacteria can’t live on it-even after it has been soiled. Although there is no problem in systems with automatic scrapers and lagoons, we wouldn’t recommend it for use with slats.
  • When stored undercover, the ash eventually dries out and can become dusty. If stored outside, the rain helps to form a cap over the heap and prevents ash from being blown around.
  • Although it can be used neat, Ash can be mixed with other materials such as sand, sawdust or shavings.
  • This cost-effective material is delivered in tote bags.

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